(Pick the project you would like to share or work)
Miscellaneous Videos
Upload various videos of different categories
If you can make faces then we need your help!
My Visit to Zoo
Have you ever been to zoo? Do you have video recording of that visit? If yes, share with us.
A Visit to Library
You must have been to your school library? But, have you ever visited a public library?
Comphoo Talk
Do you have a good voice? Then be our voice artist.
Clock Talk
Speak out what you are asked to and help your friends learn.
Clock Click
Are you a good photographer?
Puzzles Pick
If you like puzzles then you might be having quite a few of them. You can be of help to us.
Clock Hunt
If you like to browse the Internet take part in this project.
Sports Discovery
Our friend Jack wants to know about team sports. He is supposed to write a story on it. Can you help him?

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